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Star Traks: The Original Series
Episode name Star Traks 4: Power Trip
Episode number
Writer(s) Alan Decker
Year 2372
Stardate 49851
Previous in series Star Traks 3 [TRK]
Next in series Sensitivity 101 [TRK]
Previous in timeline Star Traks 3 [TRK]
Next in timeline Sensitivity 101 [TRK]

A terrorist posing as an ambassador comes to the USS Secondprize with one thing on his mind: destroying the ship. Soon, he's stranded Captain Alexander Rydell, Commander Scott Baird, and Lieutenant Commander Jaroch on a primitive world, trapped Commander Travis Dillon in the holodeck, thrown Lieutenant Patricia Hawkins in the brig, and romanced Lieutenant Emily Sullivan. And if he's not stopped soon, he's going to take Sullivan out on a date she won't live to forget.


The planet Jeral is in a state of civil war. The Audubon and Boird factions have fought to a stalemate,with no one side having a true advantage (This is starting to read like the opening crawl of a Star Wars movie). The Roost Leader of the Audubons intercepts a comm conversation between Captain Alexander Rydell of the USS Secondprize and Starfleet. The Secondprize has been told to expect the arrival of Ambassador Fuil Baradda and ordered to obey the ambassador's commands. Seeing his opportunity to force Starfleet to provide the Audubons with weapons they can use against their enemy, Roost Leader contacts Myna and tells him to impersonate Barrada and get on the Secondprize.

Myna arrives at the Secondprize and very quickly impresses Lieutenant Emily Sullivan (effectively ending her strained relationship with Commander Scott Baird in the process). He soon seals Commander Travis Dillon inside a holodeck and orders Rydell, Baird, Lieutenant Commander Jaroch, and Ensign Andrea Carr to take a shuttlecraft to a set of pre-arranged coordinates. He then orders Lieutenant Patricia Hawkins not to monitor the shuttle's progress. When Hawkins disobeys orders, Myna has her put in the brig. The shuttle, meanwhile, has a bomb in it, which explodes, as bombs tend to do. Carr is able to bring the shuttle down on Mandicor, a populated world with a technology level roughly equivalent to the 17th Century. They destroy the shuttle before a group of the planet's residents arrive to investigate. They have crashed near the town of Felsten, the residents of which are being terrorized by a warlord named Logash. The four officers also quickly discover that something about the planet's atmosphere has given them powers. They would like to help the citizens of Ulster, but the Prime Directive is pretty clear on such things. Jaroch comes up with a way around that problem. They will hide their identities with costumes and use their powers. Yep. They decide to become superheroes and fight back against Logash's minions. They are able to defeat Logash and free the village from his threat.

Back on the Secondprize, Myna romances Sullivan while Hawkins escapes from the brig and finds Dillon in the holodeck, getting herself locked inside with him in the process. They manage to overload the holodeck, but they are still trapped inside. Hawkins is able to signal the bridge, and Lieutenants Lisa Beck and Craig Porter come to their rescue. Learning that Sullivan is with Myna, Hawkins and Dillon race to Myna's quarters and get there just before Myna is able to kill Sullivan. Myna escapes and races to the bridge with Hawkins and Dillon in pursuit. A standoff ensues, which is ended when Sullivan beats Myna into unconsciousness.

The Secondprize retrieves Rydell and company, whose powers immediately begin to fade. The real Ambassador Baradda arrives soon thereafter. His mission is to travel to Jeral to see if he can negotiate an end to the civil war. Sullivan and Baird's relationship remains destroyed, but Hawkins and Dillon develop a burgeoning friendship based partially on a mutual interest in violent holodeck programs.


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Author's Comments

Despite coming before Sensitivity 101, this book was actually written just afterwards.

This story marks the first appearance of Bradley Dillon; although, it's only a hologram of him. The real Bradley doesn't show up until Star Traks 5.


Star Traks 4: Power Trip