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Star Traks: Machinima brings Traks to the, er, YouTube screen by using the Star Trek: Elite Force II video game from Ritual Entertainment. Featuring the crew of Star Traks: Silverado, Star Traks: Machinima is presented in the kind of format you might expect from an episode of an ordinary television show. (Without commercials.)


Written by:

Produced by Brendan Chris

See links below for cast information.

Series Status

Series Complete.

Plot Summary

When Silverado is caught in a strange anomaly it takes Silverado's unique blend of ingenuity and eccentricity to get them out. Unknowingly, they leave with an extra passenger. Although his true name is never known, the entity is known by Misrek, the name of the crewman he possesses. Unfortunately, Misrek is about as competent as the Silverado crew, as the body he has possessed happens to be dead. After a near-disastrous run-in with Dr. Wowryk, Stafford agrees to help Misrek learn about humanity. This unfortunately leads to a very disastrous run-in with Dr. Wowryk, after which Misrek decides to leave the ship.


Captain Christoper Stafford
Commander Matthew Noonan
Lt. Commander Simon Jeffery
Lt. Commander* T'Parief
Dr. Noel Wowryk
Lt. Jane 5-B
Lt. San Jall
Ensign Trish Yanick
Nurse Leslie Kerry
Steve Steiger


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