Stephanie Hodges

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Stephanie Hodges
Species Human
Alignment Federation Marines
Features in WAY (37)
First Appearance Send The Marines
Last Appearance Going My Way?
Created by Alan Decker
Marine Career
Position Major
Assigned to Waystation
From 2373
Position Pilot
Assigned to USS Mongoose
From 2373

Stephanie Hodges has been a friend of Lisa Beck for years and years. Beck and Hodges met at the age of seven while they both lived in North Carolina. Hodges was a fearful child, afraid to enter her own basement until she was twelve or to ask Barry Jensen to homecoming her sophomore year of high school. Her older brother, Joel Hodges was identified as the Z'arkbelst, the living god of an Andorian cult, when Hodges was eleven-years-old. Believing that the Andorians had kidnapped Joel, Hodges and Beck snuck on the Andorians ship and narrowly avoided being taken to Andor themselves. They were rescued by Starfleet, not that Joel wanted to be rescued. As soon as he was of age, Joel left for Andor to take his place as the Z'arkbelst and did not keep in touch with his family. (Trials of Youth [REJ])

When she grew up, Hodges joined the Federation Marines. After her assignment to Waystation, Hodges was the pilot of the USS Mongoose, the Marines' transport ship. She, along with Colonel Martin Lazlo, was one of the only two marines to not fall victim to the vicious squirrels on Ridalis Four. (Send The Marines [WAY]) Hodges did not join the bulk of the marines who decided to resign and follow Leximas. (This Is Only A Test [WAY]) Hodges flew the Runabout Yadkin in the battle to retake Waystation from the Starshine Kids. (Lip Lock [WAY])

After returning to Waystation from a three-week training mission with the Federation Marines, Stephanie Hodges found that the station's command crew were all exhausted despite the fact that they all claimed to have been in bed by 2300 hours. Hodges investigated and discovered that the command crew had been hypnotized and were being used at night as employees at a secret casino and entertainment complex at the bottom of the station. Hodges and the Federation Marines mounted a rescue and shut down the operation. (Moonlight Sonata [WAY])

Hodges was reunited with her brother, Joel, in the following year when he and his Andorian followers had a stopover at Waystation on their way to their new home on the Andorian colony that had been founded in a nearby sector. Joel took an interest in the grown-up Lisa Beck and kidnapped her to be his consort. Hodges and Commander Walter Morales pursued them and got Beck back, with Hodges and Morales sparking a relationship en route to the rescue. (That Certain Someone [WAY]) Upon finding out that his sister was dating Morales, Joel decided to kill Morales in the Ritual of K'hakahskahk. After combat passed through several additional rites, Stephanie Hodges called for the Rite of I'mt'llz'n meaning that the dispute between the combatants had grown into a battle between families that must be settled by their respective hive mothers. Joel was not happy about this, but respected the rite and let Morales live, telling Morales that he wasn't good enough for his sister. Morales was certain that his mother, a middle school teacher, would easily wipe the floor with Mrs. Hodges. (The Rules Of Relativity [WAY])

When Colonel Lazlo planned to take control of Waystation from Starfleet while the command crew was in lockdown, he stunned Hodges and had her confined to quarters because he was concerned that Hodges was a threat due to her close friendship with Beck and relationship with Morales. (Town Hall [WAY]) Hodges later helped Lieutenant Commander Craig Porter rescue Beck from the Romulans when Beck was handed over by Kathy Beck, who wanted access to the Romulans' temporal research. (Pomp And Circumstances [WAY])

Lazlo's disgust at his marines' continual fraternization with Starfleet and Waystation's civilian population finally led him to confine the marines to their deck. Lieutenant Colonel Daniel O'Neal, unhappy with this decision, approached Hodges and a few other marines about taking action. Hodges declined the offer to assist. O'Neal disobeyed Lazlo's orders and led a group that escaped one night with plans to return before they were discovered. Unfortunately that didn't work out. Furious, Lazlo decided to train his troops even more intensely until he realized that training wasn't the issue; Waystation was. Hitting upon the idea of moving to the Space Lodge, he had his superiors petition the Federation Council to change jurisdiction over the mysterious structure from Starfleet Science to the Federation Marines. His proposal was accepted. Morales tried to convince Hodges not to go, but Hodges had no desire to leave the marines, saying that she felt it was important to protect the people she loved, people like Morales and Beck. She and the marines left Waystation. Soon after their arrival at the Space Lodge, though, they and it vanished without a trace. (Can Your Camel Hold One More Straw?, Going My Way? [WAY])

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