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Survivor Traks was a seven segment mini-series written by Alan Decker and Anthony Butler in 2000 to cash in on the whole Survivor craze (not that any cash was involved). The events of the mini-series were outside of regular Star Traks continuity and involved the captains and first officers of four Star Traks series finding themselves on a deserted planet with a mysterious host named "Jeff." After each of the first six segments, readers were invited to write-in with their choice for who should be voted off. After the votes were tallied, Alan and Anthony would quickly produce another segment creating a situation that ended with the selected character getting the boot. The competitions ranged from extreme versions of Survivor tasks to war games to a mock Iron Chef battle. In the seventh segment, the final two characters argued their case in front of a jury of seven (the six characters previously voted out and guest-judge 4 of 8 from Star Traks: BorgSpace). In the end, Alexander Rydell was named the winner. His prize was the deserted planet, which he was left on when everyone else vanished.

The Characters

Order of Voting

  • 1st Voted Off -- Commander Travis Dillon
  • 2nd Voted Off -- Commander David Conway
  • 3rd Voted Off -- Captain Andrew Baxter
  • 4th Voted Off -- Captain Reginald Bain
  • 5th Voted Off -- Commander Prosak

  • Final Three -- Captain Alexander Rydell, Captain Lisa Beck, and Commander Walter Morales
    • Commander Walter Morales loses the next competition.

  • Final Two -- Captain Alexander Rydell and Captain Lisa Beck
    • Captain Alexander Rydell wins the jury vote 4-3.


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