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Alan Decker

Anthony Butler

Brad Dusen

Maija Meneks

Series Synopsis

Far in the back of the famed bar "The Captain's Table" is a cramped little table where those that don't quite measure up to the standards of captaining can pull up a chair and tell their story. "The Reject's Table" is a five-story mini-series written by the four authors of the five Star Traks series in existence in 1998 when the mini-series was written.

Captains Alexander Rydell, Lisa Beck, Andrew Baxter, Jad Vorezze and 4 of 8 visited The Captain's Table bar and were directed to a crappy table in a rear corner by the bathrooms. The five captains told stories of their first command experiences while fending off the unwanted attentions of Redbeard the Pirate and dealing with various incarnations of James T. Kirk. None of the captains retained a memory of their visit once they left the bar.

Series Status

This series is complete.

Major Characters

Story Listing

Series Notes

The Reject's Table was based on "The Captain's Table" line of Star Trek novels published by Pocket Books. "The Captain's Table" concept was created by John J. Ordover and Dean Wesley Smith.

While the series is complete, there has been some talk of having another round of Reject's Tables stories, since several Traks captains have come along since 1998.

"The Hawkins Incident" is the first story in the Next Federation Arc.


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