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Alan Decker

Series Synopsis

There is a dark underside to the galaxy, a side full of the unexplained, the inexplicable, and the just plain bizarre. Fortunately, Starfleet Intelligence is there to shine the light of truth into the darkness. Okay, actually Starfleet Intelligence would rather not go anywhere near these situations, but somebody has to deal with them. Since Starfleet Intelligence doesn't really want to deal with Agents Samantha Dallas and Batyn either, guess who's about to get some new cases to investigate.

Series Status

This series is complete.

Major Characters

Story Listing

Guest Story - Black Sphere Sinking by Matt Furukawa

Series Notes

Like another series with "Files" in the title, The Traks Files mini-series had a mix of one-shot stories and stories dealing with a larger storyline. Unlike that other "Files" series, The Traks Files larger storyline had an actual ending. This storyline was part of the even larger Next Federation Arc, which ran between Star Traks: The Original Series and The Traks Files, pulling in characters from Star Traks: Waystation and Star Traks: The Vexed Generation in the process.

After The Traks Files, Agents Dallas and Batyn went on to make appearances in The Vexed Generation.