The Way We Were

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Star Traks: Waystation
Episode name The Way We Were
Episode number
Writer(s) Alan Decker
Year 2375
Stardate 52772
Previous in series Something They Ate
Next in series A Deadly Shade Of Blue
Previous in timeline Friendly Wagers [VEX]
Next in timeline It's A Dawg's Life [VEX]

A visit from Commander Jaroch of the USS Secondprize and the discovery of a new species create all kinds of problems for Commander Lisa Beck and the Waystation crew. And believe me, the Multeks aren't too happy about the newcomers either. Along the way, there's some mind control, time travel, and a dance number. Just a normal day at the office.


Commander Jaroch of the USS Secondprize arrives on Waystation for a science conference at Bradley Dillon's Starfleet Suites Hotel. Several sectors away, a D'Ceti exploratory vessel is heading toward the Multek Enclave and is intercepted by a Multek patrol ship while scanning an unpopulated Class M world. The Multeks blast the D'Ceti ship, causing it to get caught in the gravity well of the planet and crash on its surface. Back on Waystation, Jaroch is horrified to discover that Dr. Derrick Azar, who was invited personally by Bradley Dillon, is attending the science conference with a new and improved version of his time pod. Jaroch protests his presence and is crushed under the time pod after one of the anti-gravity units holding it up is damaged and shuts down.

Lieutenant Craig Porter, Lieutenant Sean Russell, and Colonel Martin Lazlo, who are on a scouting mission in the Runabout USS Cumberland, find the distress sphere launched by the D'Ceti ship and follow the sphere's course back to the crashed ship. On Multos, Admiral Wuddle informs Frequoq Juletz of the alien ship. Juletz refuses to accept Wuddle's belief that other beings are real. Jaroch wakes up in the Infirmary, but the Carl Jaroch past life is now in control, and he's convinced that he's married to Commander Lisa Beck.

Porter, Russel, and Lazlo reach the D'Ceti ship and beam aboard. Unsure whether or not the newcomers are hostile, the D'Ceti hide. They scan Lazlo's brain and find that he is definitely hostile. In respose, they hypnotize him and order him to kill his companions. Wuddle decides he's going to the crash site. He and another believer in aliens, Hypple, steal a yacht and head out. Jaroch slips away from Beck and gets to the Dillon Enterprises lab where the time pod is being stored. The Carl personality is able to access Jaroch's knowledge and activates the time pod, causing a power drain in the station. The Ops crew localizes the source, and Beck, Dr. Amedon Nelson, and Lieutenant Commander Walter Morales race to the science lab. They arrive just as two figures step out of the pod: the 20th Century Versions of Alex Rydell and Travis Dillon. A moment later, the time pod explodes. Excited to have his friends with him, Carl again gives the Waystation crew the slip, and he, Alex, and Travis steal Waystation's new runabout, the USS Roanoke, and unknowingly head straight into Multek space.

Lazlo finds Russell and tries to kill him. Russell is able to escape. With both runabouts off the station, Beck has no choice but to chase after the Roanoke in the USS Wayward, the untested but heavily armed scout ship that Waystation just received. Morales races to get the Wayward space-ready and goes with Beck, since he's the better pilot. A Multek ship disables the Roanoke and takes it on board. Alex and Travis foolishly decide to take on the Multeks and race out of the runabout into the Multek docking, phasers blasting. Jaroch wrests control of his body back from Carl just in time to see Alex and Travis vaporized by multiple Multek weapons. With no other options, Jaroch hides. Wuddle and Hypple arrive at the crashed D'Ceti ship and find Russell, Porter, and the insane Lazlo. Lazlo turns on the Multeks, giving Russell a chance to stun him. With Lazlo out of commission, the D'Ceti make contact with Porter and realize that they were wrong about the humans' intentions. Porter is able to open a dialog.

Upon finding out that a Multek ship is on its way to Multos with an alien vessel in its hold, Frequoq Juletz orders the ship to deliver the alien craft to his personal docking bay onto of the Multek Central Administration building. Once that is complete, he has the entire crew of the Multek ship sent to a Recovery Ranch to have the idea that aliens might actually exist purged from their minds. On Waystation, Yeoman Jones finds a very upset Bradley Dillon sitting in the rubble of the time pod. He reveals to her that he was going to use the pod to save Leximas before she was blown up by the Starshine Kids. The Wayward detects the Roanoke on Multos. Beck has Morales perform a near-warp transport to get her to the surface. Unable to stop himself since he may never see Beck again, Morales kisses her before she beams out. She materializes inside the Frequoq's private docking bay, where she is captured by Juletz.

When they receive word that Beck is on Multos, Russell, Lazlo and Wuddle head there in the stolen yacht while Porter takes Hypple and the D'Ceti back to Waystation in the Runabout USS Cumberland. Juletz explains to Beck that, while he knows other beings exist, he cannot allow that information to spread to his people. Since they have been able to focus solely on their own advancement, the Multeks have no war, no crime, no hunger, and no real work. People are free to choose an occupation, if they want one, but otherwise they can just enjoy the pleasures the planet has to offer. But with the Federation starting to surround them, Juletz cannot ignore the outside universe anymore. Therefore he is sending the entire Multek fleet to destroy Waystation. He takes Beck, who is disguised as a Multek, to a Recovery Ranch where her mind will be erased and rewritten to believe that she is and always has been a Multek. Wuddle, Lazlo, and Russell intercept Juletz's hovercar and rescue Beck. With Juletz in custody, they take the hovercar back to Juletz's office to retrieve the runabout. While Wuddle remains behind to keep Juletz from calling in reinforcements, Beck, Russell, and Lazlo take off in the Roanoke, meet up with the Wayward, and head back toward Waystation.

En route, Beck contacts Porter, who has returned to Waystation, and orders him to evacuate the station and set off the self-destruct, so that the Multeks won't actually find a station there and, therefore, their society will be preserved. Russell also discovers Jaroch's hiding place. He had stored himself in the transporter's pattern buffer. Jaroch insists that they have to save Alex and Travis, but Beck tells him they've got bigger problems at the moment. Porter, meanwhile, has decided to try a different plan. He approaches two Romulans who are attending the science conference and, after explaining the situation to them, gains the use of their scout ship's cloaking device, which he hooks into Waystation's power systems. The Multek fleet arrives, and, thanks to the cloaking device, there is no station there. The Multeks follow their orders and pretend to destroy a space station (all of them yell "BANG") before heading back to Multos. The Roanoke and the Wayward arrive at Waystation's position and also find nothing. Moments later, the station decloaks, much to Beck's delight. She decides she'll let the fact that Porter disobeyed orders slide.

The Multek fleet returns and reports on their imaginary station attack. Frequoq Juletz is beside himself, insisting that there was a real station there. Juletz's assistant, Faddle, decides that the pressure of the job must have gotten to Juletz and sends him off for a long rest. This leaves the Multek Enclave without a Frequoq, a job that no one really wants due to the responsibilities involved. Wuddle volunteers to take over, an offer Faddle gladly accepts.

With the Multek crisis averted, Beck and company set off to deal with the second crisis: saving Alex and Travis and restoring the timeline. They are able to accomplish this by going back in time, making transporter duplicates of Alex and Travis, and putting the duplicates in place in Norfolk, Virginia right after the real Alex and Travis are whisked away to the 24th Century by the time pod. After this, Jaroch returns to the Secondprize.

For their actions, Beck is promoted to captain, Morales is promoted to commander, and Porter is promoted to lieutenant commander. Wuddle visits the station and tells Beck that, while he is the new Frequoq, he still needs to keep the Federation's existence a secret from his people until they are ready to handle it. Upon seeing Dr. Nelson, Wuddle is taken with her. Beck arranges for her to give Wuddle a tour. Later Beck goes to speak to Morales about the kiss. He has feelings for her that she does not share. Morales assures her that he can continue to work with her. That night in Victoria's, Morales finds Bradley Dillon, and the two men share a toast to lost loves.


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Author's Comments

After Renovations I had this nice new station, but it took me a while to figure out what to do with it. Waystation as a series wasn't really going anywhere. Honestly, I don't think I really knew what the series was yet. "The Way We Were" kind of reflects that. Yes, it's very important in terms of the Multek storyline and also significant in terms of Bradley Dillon's and Walter Morales' characters, but large portions of the plot (namely the Jaroch storyline) really don't even belong in this series. Part of my reasoning for bringing Jaroch to Waystation was that the real life inspirations for his character and Lisa Beck's character are indeed married. The characters, though, have almost nothing to say to each other, as was painfully apparent when they had dinner together. I didn't plan that. It's just kind of what happened when I put them in the same room.

Still there are several bits of this book that I am quite fond of, particularly the D'Ceti meditation room sequence and the convoluted time travel at the end. The throwaway gag about how the 20th Century Travis Dillon died ended up not being so throwaway, considering the major part it had to play in The Star Traks Reunion Special. I'm really not sure why I decided to do that to the poor guy in this book. At the time I suppose it seemed darkly funny.


The Way We Were