Tina Jones

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Tina Jones
Species Human
Alignment Starfleet
Born Odala Two
Features in TRK (2), WAY (63)
First Appearance Star Traks 4
Last Appearance All's Well That Ends
Created by Alan Decker
Position Yeoman
Assigned to USS Secondprize
Till 2373
Position Liason Officer
Assigned to Waystation
From 2373
Till 2381
Position Security Officer
Assigned to Waystation
From 2381
Till Unknown
Position Chief of Security
Assigned to Waystation

After leaving the tiny, backwater colony on Odala Two where she was raised with her three brothers and two sisters, Jones hitched a ride on a freighter enlisted in Starfleet in hopes of finding a more exciting life for herself. She was assigned to the USS Secondprize as a yeoman, a non-stressful job she truly enjoyed. During Myna's attempt to destroy the Secondprize, events conspired to leave Yeoman Jones in command briefly, an experience she found herself enjoying quite a bit. By refusing to relinquish command when Myna ordered her to, Jones forced him into revealing that he was an impostor and helped save the ship. (Star Traks 4 [TRK])

After the discovery of the Multeks and the decision to establish Waystation, Jones was assigned to the station as their Liaison Officer, a position she didn't quite understand. She picked it up quickly, though, when she, Commander Walter Morales, and Lieutenant Sean Russell had to rescue Lieutenant Craig Porter and Dr. Amedon Nelson on Bracktia Prime. Jones was able to get the officers in to see the Bracktian president and take out an annoying Bracktian military officer. She also beamed into the Hinaree compound with Russell, proving herself fairly handy with a phaser when the situation warranted. On Waystation itself, Jones greeted both Bradley Dillon and Leximas when they arrived. (Star Traks 5 [TRK])

During the Compucop incident, Jones, along with Morales, was one of the only two officers not to be arrested. Morales forged an order that gave Jones a judge appointment, and she processed all of the cases of the arrested crewmembers, freeing them all. (House Arrest [WAY]) Jones was kidnapped by the inhabitants of the Happy Universe, so that she could impersonate the dead, Happy version of herself. Fortunately, Commander Lisa Beck was able to come to her rescue. (Close To Home [WAY]) Several months later, Jones went to Geranis Two with Morales for a diplomatic dinner. She soon regretted this decision after discovering that the Geranis Two colonists were perhaps the most boring people alive. To save herself from the monotony, Jones got very drunk and began performing Klingon opera. On their way back to Waystation, Jones and Morales were snatched by a lonely Q who wanted company. Eventually, Jones learned that the Q was lonely because his love, Karyna, had left him. Jones convinced him to try to get her back. The Q followed her advice and returned Jones and Morales to Waystation. (That Sinking Feeling [WAY])

During the renovation of Waystation, Jones was assigned to survey the saucer from the USS Exeter before construction began. She was kidnapped a man calling himself, the Phantom of the Exeter. The Phantom, who was actually Nurse Jim, one of the Exeter's officers who was badly burned and believed dead after the Exeter's run-in with a Changeling, wanted to kill Jones as part of his anger at the whole universe. Jones managed to talk him down after offering to get Jim help. (That's The Spirit [WAY]) Later, Bradley Dillon asked Jones to help him show Jaraan, a potential investor, around the station, but Jaraan was far more interested in Lt. Porter. (Relationship Jitters [WAY]) Jones was one of the officers taken hostage by the Starshine Kids in their takeover of the renovated Waystation. After Bradley Dillon "volunteered" her, Jones was forced to look into the Starshiners' orb, a device which briefly brainwashed her into following Sesil's orders. She was eventually able to push through the orb's effects and regain control of her mind. The experience left her emotionally scarred, so she began seeing Counselor Ray Miller, an experience she didn't find all that therapeutic. (Lip Lock [WAY])

After Associated Worlds Network reporter Joan Redding's zealous pursuit of stories about the Multeks nearly caused a galactic incident when she ambushed Wuddle, Captain Beck assigned Jones to keep an eye on the reporter. Jones, with the help of Lieutenant Commander Porter, determined that Redding had hacked into the station's OpsNet, giving her access to privileged information. After Jones and Porter cut off her access, Redding convinced Hypple to take her into Multek space. Jones and Porter pursued them in the Runabout USS Roanoke, and Redding opened fire on them without Hypple realizing what was happening. Jones and Porter were able to stop Redding's ship, and Jones flattened Redding with a swift punch to the jaw. Phillip Harper, the owner of AWN, arrived at Waystation soon afterward and promised to rein in Redding. (News At Eleven [WAY])

When Bradley Dillon purchased the naming rights to Waystation, Jones led the effort to stop him. She came up with the idea of hosting a telethon, which raised enough money to counter the offer and leave the Waystation name alone, but it was all a financial trap for John Simms, Jr., who, rather than allowing Bradley to have his name on Waystation, drained his own fortune to add to the funds raised to counter the offer. (Acts Of Desperation, A Bridge Way Too Far [WAY]) Jones disobeyed an order to evacuate the station and remained on board to fight the Collectors. During the ensuing battle, Jones discovered a wonderful calm and happiness as she held a phaser rifle in her hands and blasted the invaders. (Disintegration [WAY]) Based on this, Captain Beck decided that Jones needed to be in security, which meant that she needed to become an officer. She helped Jones apply to the Starfleet Academy Annex located on Waystation. Part of the process involved an interview with Admiral Leelan Fonn. The interview, which Fonn held while fishing in the holodeck, was disrupted by a holodeck malfunction. Jones was able to save herself and Fonn from the rampaging holodeck creatures until Porter was able to shut down the program. She told Fonn later that he realized that the whole situation was a test to see how she would handle a crisis. It wasn't actually, but Fonn was happy to let her believe that. (What About Baughb? [WAY])

Jones began her classes at the Annex while also juggling her responsibilities as liaison officer. Her personal life was going nowhere, though. She did, however, begin receiving presents from a mysterious source. She knew it was not Morales, who was too wrapped up in his relationship with Stephanie Hodges to notice Jones' interest in him. Jones was later surprised to receive a job offer from Bradley Dillon, who wanted her to work for Dillon Enterprises. The truth about her feelings more Morales and the existence of the job offer came out while she was trapped in Ops during the lockdown drill. That combined with the other revelations from the other members of the command crew made relations strained among the officers from some time after that. (Lockdown, Town Hall [WAY])

Soon after this, Jones was put in charge of planning a ceremony at which Bradley would be presenting a medal to Jean-luc Picard. With relations between the command crew still strained, planning the event was difficult until Jones finally locked everyone except Beck, who was off the station at the time, into a holodeck until they talked it out, which they were able to do. (Just Undo It [WAY])

Jones graduated from the Academy Annex the following year and was granted the rank of ensign. She was kidnapped from her graduation party, though, by the source of the mysterious presents that she had been receiving over the past year, a tiny Mathastelbroan who had fallen for Jones during his species' visit to the station a year earlier. He had spent the ensuring months hiding in the station's deep storage cargo bays and building a robot body that would make him a suitable lover for Jones, sending her presents all the while. Bradley Dillon was able to rescue her from the robot, missing his first debate with Kathryn Janeway in the process. (Unwanted Overtures [WAY]) Jones accompanied Bradley to the second debate on Earth and also gave Joan Redding the story of Bradley's rescue of her in an effort to repay him for saving her. She and Bradley danced together at the post-debate celebration party, where she realized she was falling for him. (The Rebuttal Period [WAY])

She began seeing Bradley fairly regularly, but two days before the election she learned of the existence of Doc, an imperfect copy of the USS Voyager's EMH accidentally created in an effort to copy the EMH's databanks for Bradley's use in his debate against Janeway. Jones informed Captain Beck about Doc. Beck's boyfriend, Starfleet Intelligence Agent Banyon Kovacs, infiltrated the Dillon Enterprises complex and transfered Doc into a data storage unit hidden in his pants, but he was captured before he could escape. (Can Your Camel Hold One More Straw? [WAY]) Jones felt guilty about this and insisted on going with Beck and Porter when they entered a secret Dillon Enterprises area at the bottom of the station to rescue Kovacs. They were successful in finding Kovacs, but they were pinned down by Bradley's Special Secret Section agents. Bradley arrived to stop the fighting, but Jones' presence caught him completely off-guard. He agreed to Beck's demands. Jones, realizing that she'd been deluding himself about what Bradley was really like, then added one more: he was never to speak to her again. (Going My Way? [WAY])

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