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Travis Michael Dillon
Species Human
Alignment Starfleet
Features in TRK (41), REJ (1)
First Appearance Star Traks 1
Last Appearance The Star Traks Reunion Special
Created by Alan Decker
Position Helm Officer
Assigned to USS Baker
Till 2370
Position First Officer
Assigned to USS Secondprize
From 2370
Till 2377
Successor Leirnak
Position Captain
Assigned to USS Edsel
From 2372
Till 2372

Early Life

Travis Michael Dillon was the first child born to Richard and Linda Dillon. Looking to jump-start his psychology career, Richard decided to turn his newborn son's life into one big experiment. Linda agreed to this plan only after her husband assured her that the papers generated by the experiment would get them invited to conferences all over the quadrant. For Travis Dillon, it meant a life of confusion. In one moment, his father would say that he had to use his potential and become a psychologist as Dillons had for generations. In the next moment, he'd belittle Dillon's ability to do anything. With this going on at home, Dillon searched the rest of his life for order. School offered some release. At school there were rules he understood and clear goals to reach that led to success. He eventually fixated on getting into Starfleet. Starfleet had regulations and discipline. Also, his Uncle Matt was an officer. During one visit to San Francisco to see Uncle Matt, Dillon accidentally broke Ambassador Sarek's window and knocked the ambassador himself out with a baseball, opening another opportunity for Richard Dillon to verbally thrash his son. Dillon looked forward to the times parents would leave for his father's psychological conferences, something that happened more and more often as he grew older.

With a little behind the scenes help from his Uncle Matt, who was completely unaware of his nephew's status as a psychology experiment, Dillon was admitted to Starfleet Academy. Given the clear regiment of classes and training exercises at the Academy, Travis couldn't help but excel. It was almost programmed into him. His only problem at the Academy was his roommate, a surly Klingon named Worf. The time at the Academy away from his parents did wonders for his ego as well. Actually, his ego went too far in the other direction. As if to block out any reminders of his father's disparaging remarks, Dillon wrapped a shield of self-importance around himself that made him almost insufferable. Dillon graduated at the top of his class, and he was confident that with his abilities he'd make captain within a few months. At first, it looked like he might be right, but not for the reasons he thought. His superior officers on his first assignments realized that if they promoted him, they could get him transferred to another ship very quickly. He'd made lieutenant commander by the time the captain of the USS Baker left him on Deep Space Fourteen. The captain had docked and asked Dillon, who was serving as the ship's helm officer, to go deliver a "Top Secret" message by hand to the station commander. As soon as Dillon was out of the airlock, the ship cleared all moorings and got the hell out of there. Dillon's mother asked Uncle Matt, who was an admiral at this point, to put Dillon on another ship. Despite her general distaste for the person Dillon had become, she realized he was better off away from Richard.

Career on the Secondprize

Admiral Matt Dillon put through the paperwork to get Dillon promoted to commander and assigned to the USS Secondprize as first officer. As long as the Secondprize's missions followed Academy scenarios, Dillon performed admirably. Strange or new situations tended to throw him, though. He was all book sense and no common sense. Also, his obsession with regulations and the chain of command didn't win him any friends among the Secondprize crew.

When word got out that Dillon was interested in dating one of the Secondprize's officers, the women on the ship made an all-out effort to find her and save her before Dillon could act. (Reason to Panic [TRK]) Dillon did, however, manage to save the ship from the Rock Creature when he sent it and the energy-filled rock it was chasing into the matter reclamation system. Unfortunately, this also overloaded the entire system. (Every Dillon Has His Day [TRK]) Dillon led missions to Neilson IV, Bytellus Two, and the moon of Kynax, none of which turned out as he had hoped. (And Now Right Here On Our Show, A Serious Case of the Stupids, Claire Webber: The Hugging Hunter [TRK]) After Captain Alexander Rydell was briefly incapacitated by a flood of hot chocolate, Dillon took command of the Secondprize upon their arrival at Ugilious. He almost provoked the Joegonots into attacking the ship before Rydell arrived to handle the situation. Dillon transported to Ugilious with the away team and, after their capture, was thrown to the Grand Leech's daughters. Rydell "rescued" him before things went too far. (Star Traks 1 [TRK]) During the next mission to Kilma Omega IV, Dillon attempted to break Rydell out of prison but wound up being captured himself. He unintentionally managed to clear their names by tackling Amjex into the River Belchus. Dillon's resulting burp briefly caused the planet's inhabitants to believe that he was the Gaseous One whose coming had been foretold. After hearing him speak for a while, the Kilma Omegans dubbed him the Great Windbag. (Belch-O-Rama [TRK]) While trying to find the kidnapped Captain Rydell, Dillon became fascinated with Dr. Azar's time tube. He allowed himself, Jaroch and Sullivan to be test subjects for the tube's trial run, which resulted in all three officers being sent 20 billion years into the future. Dumped into the next universe, Dillon realized he was in over his head and set out to rescue that universe's Rydell to fix things. (Star Traks 2 [TRK])

After Dillon told his mother how he had helped have the universe from being destroyed by a temporal paradox, she nagged Admiral Matt Dillon to get him promoted to captain. Admiral Jean-Luc Picard agreed, but only because both men were having bad days. Dillon was given command of the USS Edsel, and he asked Lt. Hawkins and Lt. Russell to join his crew. With Hawkins as his first officer and Russell as his security chief, Dillon set out to Gulax Four to pick up Dr. Reginald Smythe's archaeological team. With his promotion, Dillon had also received a mate magnet, a small device designed to make Starfleet captains irresistible to the opposite sex. On Gulax Four, Dillon met Dr. Elizabeth Jennings, and the two fell for each other. His bliss was interrupted by the arrival of the Klingons under Captain Donask. In order to protect Smythe's discovery, Dillon challenged Donask to a series of contests including dizzy bats and red light, green light. Donask grew angry with the contests and was about to kill Dillon when Captain Rydell arrived to set things straight. Realizing their huge mistake, Admirals Picard and Dillon decided to pretend the Edsel business had never happened. Dillon was returned to his prior rank and post on the Secondprize. Having lost the mate magnet, Dillon believed that Jennings would no longer be interested in him, so he broke up with her abruptly. After finding out the mate magnet had never worked in the first place, Dillon sank into a deep depression until Hawkins consoled him. (Star Traks 3 [TRK])

Myna, masquerading as Ambassador Fuil Baradda, trapped Dillon in the holodeck in a simulation of Bradley Dillon's used spaceship lot. After Hawkins became trapped in the holodeck as well, the two managed to overload the program and signal Beck and Porter on the bridge. Freed, Dillon and Hawkins saved Sullivan from Myna and rescued the other senior officers from Mandicor. This also marked the beginning of a friendship between Dillon and Patricia Hawkins. (Star Traks 4 [TRK]) Dillon led the away team down to Edgeworld which was eventually captured by the Multeks. While Jaroch and Russell escaped back to the Secondprize, Dillon and Lisa Beck went to the Multek ship's bridge in order to disable the craft's shields. The were rescued by the Secondprize shortly before the Multeks would have killed them. The Secondprize returned to Starbase 219 to report on the Multek situation, and Dillon, Jaroch, Hawkins, and Carr were ordered to go evaluate the new Starfleet Memorial Gardens built by Debbie Wagner. The car carrying Dillon, Hawkins, and Jaroch was attacked by the Gardens' giant clones of famous Starfleet officers, and Jaroch was taken away by the giant James T. Kirk. Faced with almost certain death, Dillon and Hawkins revealed that they loved each other. They were rescued and returned to the Secondprize as a couple, much to the disgust of Jaroch. (Star Traks 5 [TRK])

Dillon was busy over the next several months trying to save Hawkins from Borg clowns, survive falling through time with Jaroch and rescue Captain Rydell from Michael Rennicks. (Fear Has A Red Nose, Beaming There, Hostage Crisis [TRK]) After the Rennicks incident, Dillon was approached by Floria Demensia to be the spokesman for Starfleet Red cologne. He agreed, but the cologne turned out to be a drug that made him vulnerable to suggestion. Hawkins and Jaroch were able to rescue him before Demensia could get too much information out of him. (Starfleet Red [TRK])

During a diplomatic mission to Alkaxis Prime, Dillon was blown out a window, tossed off a cliff, and swallowed by a giant fish. Hawkins decided that between this and her experience with the Borg clowns, they needed a vacation. She booked a cabin for them on the maiden voyage of the SS Pomposity. Dillon was upset at first about losing some of his precious leave time he'd been saving up but eventually agreed to go. The trip was marred by a Changeling saboteur, a run-in with Donask, and the presence of Dillon's parents on board. Dr. Richard Dillon continued his usual verbal attacks against his son, but that was preferable than being killed by Donask. Only Dillon's love of 20th Century Earth film, a love he and Donask shared, saved him from a slow, painful death from several Klingon torture implements. Upon his return to the Pomposity, Dillon was hit with another verbal assault from Richard. Travis punched him, revealing that this Richard was actually the Changeling. His real father had been stuffed in a storage locker. The Pomposity was towed back to Starbase 212, where Dillon and Hawkins spent the remainder of their leave together. (Cruising For Trouble [TRK])

Dillon was briefly believed lost when his runabout vanished in a temporal explosion while he was on his was back from a meeting of the Starfleet Regulations Advisory Board. He'd actually crashed on an uninhabited world where he managed to survive help arrived in the form of Captain Montgomery Scott. Scott took the beaten and battered Dillon to Waystation, where the Secondprize had docked for Christmas. (Alone On Christmas [TRK]) Soon after this, Dillon briefly had his mind invaded by Captain Andy Baxter, whose ship, the USS Aerostar, was trapped in the Delta Quadrant. The Aerostar was able to put Baxter's mind into Dillon's head in order to send a message to Starfleet about the Aerostar's status. (Dillon's Brain [VEX]) Dillon met his 20th Century ancestor when the Secondprize went back in time to chase Rebecca Singer. Dillon took an immediately dislike to the 20th Century Travis, most likely due to the fact that Travis was well adjusted and about to get married. At the end of the mission, though, Dillon and Hawkins moved in together. At this time, Dillon also found out that Jaroch was in love with Hawkins as well. Hawkins chose Dillon instead, seemingly putting an end to the problem. (Star Traks 6 [TRK]) Dillon was one of the five Secondprize officers that went into the Forever moon and were responsible for both starting the destruction of the universe and putting it on hold for ten years. Assuming Starfleet would take care of things, they continued on with their lives. (Please Hold For Oblivion [TRK])

Through the First Officer Exchange Program, Dillon spent a short time on the USS Explorer, the ship given to Baxter and his crew after their return from the Delta Quadrant. He immediately antagonized Baxter and Counselor Peterman, but all personal conflicts were put aside when Baxter was possessed by an evil energy being. Dillon, with the help of the Explorer command crew, was able to isolate Baxter from the rest of the ship and return the being to its prison. (Of Gods and First Officers [TRK, VEX]) Dillon's life took a sudden downturn two years later when Hawkins suddenly ran off with a Klingon. This almost crushed him, but he had the knowledge that Rydell would soon be retiring to keep his spirits up.

Rydell did retire, but Starfleet decided to give command to Jaroch instead. They did not feel that Dillon was captain material. That was the last straw; Dillon slipped into complete insanity. Rather than send him to Tantalus V, Jaroch had Dillon put in a holodeck encased inside an asteroid where he was monitored by Counselor Ray Miller. (Aftermath [TRK]) Dillon remained there for eight years living inside ego-stroking fantasy worlds. When Forever reactivated, Dillon had to be taken from his asteroid and returned to reality. Learning that Rydell, whom he blamed for all of the catastrophes of his life, was still alive was almost too much for Dillon to bear. Hawkins' arrival did not improve matters. He turned his energies toward planning revenge. Rydell appealed to Dillon's sense of duty and convinced him to at least help them save the universe, but while Rydell tried to stop Forever, Dillon turned his anger on Hawkins. Intent on either killing her or getting her back, Dillon threatened Hawkins with a disrupter. Jaroch stepped in and challenged Dillon to single combat, a challenge he readily accepted. He'd had eight years to improve his fighting skills, something he more than proved to Jaroch and to Hawkins when she jumped into the fight. Hawkins distraction gave Jaroch enough time to summon J'Ter, who pummeled Dillon mercilessly. Dillon managed to get a weapon, but was disarmed when Rydell and Karina Durham leapt out of the time stream on top of him. Having lost his chance at vengeance, Dillon sank into an almost catatonic state. He was finally sent to Tantalus V where, after two years of intensive therapy, he recovered and was released. (Please Hold For Oblivion [TRK])

Life After Starfleet

After his release from Tantalus V, Dillon adjusted moderately well to life out Starfleet, eventually writing his memoirs. However these were blocked from publication by Starfleet. Upon their father's death, Bradley Dillon informed Dillon of how he had been used as a psychology experiment, returning Dillon to his previous unbalanced state. He hatched a plan to escape all together, exchanging his place in time with his 20th century counterpart. His escape did not turn out as well as he would have hoped. (The Star Traks Reunion Special [TRK])

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