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Waystation is a Federation Starbase built near the Multek Enclave in 2373. Due to its position on the edge of explored space, and the success of resident Bradley Dillon and Dillon Enterprises it quickly grew into one of the most important Federation starbases in the quadrant.


The first Waystation, c.2373. Also pictured the USS Wayward

The decision to establish Waystation was made after the USS Secondprize encountered the Multeks on Stardate 50218. Starfleet quickly wanted to establish a presence near the Multek Enclave to serve as a stopover point for ships heading into the unexplored reaches of the Beta Quadrant and to protect any colonies that were established in that sector. The first Waystation was quickly constructed at Starbase 219 and consisted of two Constitution Refit class saucer sections joined by a connecting tube. The new station, under the command of Commander Lisa Beck, was towed into position by the Secondprize and officially opened for business on Stardate 50241. Very soon thereafter, the station found itself embroiled in a battle with both the Multeks and the Romulans. The station suffered minor damage, but the research Starfleet's engineers had done on Multek weaponry had made Waystation's shields and weapons much more effective against the Multeks. (Star Traks 5 [TRK]) For the most part, life on the station was quiet for the next several months with the only real excitement being Russell's invention of Compucop, the arrival of the station's battalion of Federation Marines, and the kidnapping of Yeoman Jones by the Happy Universe. (House Arrest, Send The Marines, Close To Home [WAY]) The quiet ended with the arrival of Karyna, a member of Waystation's resident guru, Leximas', species who had been given the power of the Q. With Morales off the station and Beck and Russell taken by Karyna, Colonel Lazlo of the Federation Marines snatched the opportunity to take over the station, throwing Porter and Dr. Nelson in the brig. With the help of a Q, Beck was able to stop Karyna and reclaim the station. Due to severe misconduct by everyone concerned, though, all records of the incident were erased. (That Sinking Feeling [WAY]) Over the next several months, Waystation's popularity grew to the point that the station's two tiny saucers just couldn't handle the crowds. Ships were stacked up around the station waiting to dock while the interior was stuffed to the hull plates with people. A chain of disastrous events led to the station being sliced in half and wrecked beyond repair. (Gridlock [WAY]) Beck appealed to Starfleet for a new station, and a renovation project was begun.


Waystation c.2379

The Waystation crew was moved into Waystation Village, a connected series of cargo modules converted to house people, while the work was done. (Gut Feelings [WAY]) Two Ambassador class saucers, formerly from the USS Exeter and USS Cheever, were brought in to serve as the base of the new saucers. From here, the renovation team of the Zenedron Construction Group built outward to enlarge Waystation to 100 decks in the saucers alone plus the large engineering area in the connecting tube. The construction was not without its problems, though. The Exeter saucer had a madman running around in it, the Zenedron Construction Group went on strike briefly, and, once the renovations were complete, the Starshine Kids took over the new station. (That's The Spirit, While You Were Out, Critical Mass [WAY]) The Starshine takeover forced the Waystation crew to attack their new station and to trick the Multeks into helping them. The station was retaken and opened for business on Stardate 51991, only moments before the missing USS Aerostar emerged from the nearby Bermuda Expanse. (Lip Lock [WAY]) While the renovated station was open, its weapon systems were still not quite fully operational after the beating they'd taken during the Starshine Kids battle, which allowed the Flarn to get by them with very little effort. (Confrontations [VEX]) The former crew of the Aerostar, now assigned to the USS Explorer, visited the station several months later at which time another USS Aerostar, this one from the Happy Universe, emerged from the Bermuda Expanse. (Worlds Apart [VEX])

Waystation is home to the corporate offices of Dillon Enterprises and Starfleet Square Mall, the largest shopping mall in the sector.

Support Craft

Waystation Prime

By the year 2500 (the timeframe of Star Traks: Boldly Gone, Waystation had been renamed Waystation Prime. The Federation's borders in that period extended well past Waystation into the Beta Quadrant, but Waystation Prime was still a major port of call along the route and continued to grow as other Waystations were opened up farther out in the Beta Quadrant. The first Waystation-3 was lost in a war, and Waystation-7 had an incident with a black hole. Through it all, Waystation Prime remained.

Waystation Prime consists of nine interconnected saucers, each with anywhere from one to seven saucers stacked below them. The original Waystation in part of a column of saucers known as the Old Quarter. The lower saucer of the original Waystation is mostly storage and cargo bays, and the upper is the archive and museums. One museum is consisting of a couple of decks is dedicated to the Dillon Consortium, and there are several others for topics such as the Federation's expansion into the Beta Quadrant and the Multek Enclave. The original Starfleet Square Mall is also preserved in the Old Quarter as part of a History of Waystation exhibit. New Starfleet Square Mall consists of six decks of stores in a ring around Saucer-C of F-Column and has a holographic ceiling to coincide with the station's daily cycle.