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Species Multek
Alignment Multek Enclave
Features in WAY (16)
First Appearance Star Traks 5
Last Appearance From This Day Forward
Created by Alan Decker

Multek captain in command of the cruise ship that first encountered the USS Secondprize. Like the rest of his species, Wuddle had been taught to believe that there were no other intelligent life forms in the universe. After encountering the Secondprize and making his report to Frequoq Juletz, Wuddle was made captain of a military vessel assigned to deal with the "imaginary" Federation threat. By this time, Wuddle had come to believe that the Federations were indeed real and had himself beamed over to Waystation. When the Romulans arrived and began attacking everyone, Wuddle felt that he was walked into an ambush. He fled ops hotly pursued by Lieutena t Sean Russell, who wanted to calm him down, and Colonel Martin Lazlo, who wanted to kill him. Commander Lisa Beck and Russell prevailed and convinced Wuddle that they weren't trying to kill him. He then went home to the Multek Enclave. (Star Traks 5 [TRK})

After this incident, Wuddle was promoted to admiral in an effort by Frequoq Juletz to prevent him from talking too much about the imaginaries. When it became clear to Wuddle that the Multek government had no interest in ever investigating the possibility of aliens, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He formed a small group of believers, and then, when word reached him that an alien ship had crashed on a world just outside the Enclave, he and Hypple went to investigate. At the crash site, they encountered the D'Ceti as well as Russell, Lazlo, and Lieutenant Commander Craig Porter. Wuddle returned to Multos with Russell and Lazlo to rescue Beck from Frequoq Juletz. Wuddle kept guard over Juletz until Beck and the others could make their escape. When the Multek fleet that Juletz sent to destroy Waystation returned and reported that they had not seen the station, Juletz's ravings about real aliens got him removed from power. Wuddle volunteered to take over as Frequoq, a job most Multeks didn't want because of the responsibilities involved. Frequoq Wuddle visited Waystation in secret soon after this to speak to Beck. He would keep friendly but unofficial relations with the Federation, since the majority of Multeks were not ready to learn that there was indeed other life in the universe. On this visit, he saw and was immediately attracted to Dr. Amedon Nelson. (The Way We Were [WAY]) The feelings were mutual, and Wuddle and Nelson began seeing each other during his visits to the station. The secrets of his visits and his relationship with Nelson were both almost revealed by AWN reporter Joan Redding. (News At Eleven [WAY])

Wuddle and Nelson, who had not told him about the existence of her symbiont, traveled together to a Multek resort, where Nelson learned that, as the Frequoq's consort, she had a title, the Snarkleberry. The resort owner, Tedula, had designs on being Snarkleberry and hypnotized Wuddle. Her attempt was interrupted by the arrival of a group of Multeks who felt that had not been properly paid for work they had done for her. As Wuddle and Nelson's presence was discovered, things quickly turned into a hostage situation and then a standoff during which Nelson's unlogi began to wear off. Commander Walter Morales rescued Nelson and Wuddle, and the couple decided to have future dates on Waystation. (The Perfect Getaway [WAY])

As a way to ease his people into the idea that there was other life in the galaxy, Wuddle sent out an exploratory vessel beyond the Multek Enclave into the Beta Quadrant, where it and its crew was collected by the Collectors. When Wuddle, Dr. Nelson, and Commander Morales went to investigate, they too were captured. After their rescue, Wuddle learned that Nelson had been joined to the Midon symbiont, a fact that he found hard to deal with. Even harder for him was the idea that, with the symbiont now removed, the woman he loved was no longer the same person. (Collectibles - Part One, Collectibles - Part Two [WAY])

The next year, Wuddle had to face the prospect of a Collectors invasion of the Multek Enclave. Knowing that his forces were overmatched, he again went to Waystation for assistance. While there, he learned that Dr. Nelson had been rejoined with Midon. Having had time to accept the existence of the symbiont, Wuddle wanted to rekindle his relationship with Nelson, which they agreed to do once the crisis had passed. With the Collectors heading toward Multos, Wuddle turned command of the Multek fleet over to Captain Beck, explaining quickly to his officers that the Federation consisted of friendly aliens. Beck was able to draw the Collectors' Vault-Ship to Waystation, but Wuddle now had to deal with the fact that Multek society had had the truth of the existence of alien life thrust violently upon it. As a result, the Multek Council of Elder Wizards decided to open diplomatic relations with the Federation, and Wuddle was finally able to show Dr. Nelson his homeworld. (Free For All, Collect Call [WAY]) Several months later, he proposed to her, and she accepted. (Romulans On The Edge [WAY]) They were married by Captain Beck a few hours before the official ceremony opening the Multek Enclave to visitors from the rest of the galaxy. After her marriage to Wuddle, Nelson remained on Multos with her husband. (From This Day Forward [WAY])

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