Space: It's big, it's scary and there are lots of weird places to go.
These are the adventures of the starship Silverado.
Her crew's never-ending mission: to keep her in one piece.
To escape insults and ridicule.
To boldly go where nobody else has been stupid enough to go before!

Welcome to my little corner of the Star Traks Nexus! Star Traks: Silverado chronicles the adventures of Captain Christopher Stafford and the crew of the (you guessed it!) U.S.S. Silverado as they take abuse from Starfleet Command, over-confident aliens, crazy scientists, super-cheerful Klingons, corporate drones, museum curators and above all, each other!

The ship came from a junkyard. The Captain has never been in command before. The helmswoman tends to crash into things, the doctor tends to crash things into you, and the operations guy generally hates life and everyone in it. How can this bunch of misfits turn into a functioning team? Well, we're six seasons in and so far they've managed to take hundreds of years of proud, Starfleet tradition...and launch it out the torpedo tube!

Star Traks: Halfway to Haven